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Institute of Ageless Medicine

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Photographs:Before & After


Photographs: We are very protective of our patients and their privacy. Most of our patients do not want their photographs shown and therefore we only have a few of our patients who have given permission to us to use their photographs to demonstrate our results. We are very grateful to those patients who let us show their photographs and we do our best to try to conceal their identities yet maintain the evidence of their results. Other photographs shown on our site are provided by the companies supplying the machines used to do the treatments. We hope that you will visit other websites to see before and after photographs to get an idea of what certain procedures can do for you.

The Space Lift or Fat Transfer procedures are some of our favorites here at the Institute of Ageless Medicine and our patients in general, have extraordinary results. We only have a few photographs of our faces but remember, this is a nice alternative for sagging earlobes as well as rejuvenation of hands and we unfortunately have no photographs to show you these results.

Before & After

Space Lift Before and After Graph

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