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Institute of Ageless Medicine

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Office Policy


The Institute of Ageless Medicine will try to serve your needs the best way that we can, so, if you are one of those people who get out of the office or place of work late at night and are better served with a late night appointment or an early morning appointment beyond our normal business hours we will do everything possible to meet your needs. 

Our free consultations, as listed here for various procedures are done during normal business hours and take approximately 15 minutes of your time.  We ask that you keep your appointments on a timely basis.  We try to be very thoughtful of your busy day and do not keep you waiting, please be courteous to other patients and try to be on time, so that we may offer the same courtesy to them.   If you are unable to make your appointment we appreciate a call to let us know this, as soon as possible.

If the Doctor is being detained by an emergency situation, you will be called to reschedule your appointment.  In most cases, you will virtually never be kept waiting in our office, your time is precious and we pride ourselves on providing you with this courtesy.  If, for some highly unusual circumstance, you do find yourself waiting, and the wait is expected to be more than 15 minutes, we will inform you and will give you the opportunity to reschedule.

Photographs before and after are taken for procedures which are done for desired changes in physical appearance, such as the Titan or Microdermabrasion.  The photographs will not be shown to anyone else under any circumstances unless pre-determined by you and this will be done with written permission only.

Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us, let us know if you have any special requests and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.  You may be surprised to know what others do to remain secret in their search for youth and rejuvenation.

Dr. Massullo has some patients that are on a tight financial budget.  She will do the best that she can to accommodate your needs, but you need to relay this information to her and the staff.  She is very courteous and tries to be conservative, giving you information, if applicable, as to the best quality product or procedure available for your needs.  

Dr. Massullo will give all of her patients ways to get in touch with her for questions or concerns any time of the day or night.  If, under any circumstance, you cannot get in touch with her, and it is an emergency, she asks that you go directly to the nearest emergency room.

As of January 2014 Dr. Massullo will no longer be taking any type of insurance.
Letter to my patients:

Dr. Massullo is pleased that we have a new president who hopefully will do as he has promised and do away with the tyrannical, un-Godly, un-Constitutional “healthcare bill” in its entirety.  She stopped taking all insurance as a result of its highly intrusive and dangerous consequences both to the care of her patient's and for their privacy as well, notwithstanding the other atrocities held in its over 2600 pages.

We hope that there will be no mandates of any form with our new president promising that for once in our lives, we will have a Republic once more that is “for the people, by the people” as it was intended to be.

We don’t foresee taking insurance anytime in the future but should this occur we will notify everyone of this change.

We love this nation and all that it promised us in its beginning under the wisdom of our founding fathers.  We have all seen everything systematically stripped away from us, leaving us without any rights (which are God given not a privilege bestowed on us by the government) and without any protections, with our precious Bill of Rights, Constitution and other carefully written documents which intentionally having been ignored and then done away with, having turned us into a nation of slaves that exist to serve rather than have the government serve us.

We are a nation in great peril and we hope that we can stand UNITED as Americans, which we all are and take back our country for the sake of ourselves, for our children and for the many generations to come.  God bless America.

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