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Institute of Ageless Medicine

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Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Over the years medicine has been trying to breech this alien world of hormone therapy to alleviate various symptoms associated with deficiencies or excesses associated with them.

Medicine has strategically been taken over by big government which, in this country is not supposed to be possible according to our precious constitution of 1787 which states very clearly that this is a Republic, for the people and by the people. Government was meant to remain small and should serve the people and no one else. Alas, this is NOT the case which is well evident. Medicine has been transformed in this country, from the premier place in the world, fifty or so years ago to be able to obtain the best of physicians and treatment, to the current socialized state of standard of care, cookbook, inferior medicine that it is.

The unconstitutional FDA as well as the big pharmaceutical industries and the agrochemical companies with the United Nations, which has no place what so ever in our country let alone governing our lives in any way shape or form, has been put in control of all of our food and drugs by virtue of the codex alimentarius, this has given a monopoly to the way medicine and other things are done and it is not in your best interest, as your interests are little to no concern at all.

Hormone therapy has been played out over the years most notably in the birth control arena with all BCP’s being level ONE carcinogen’s and are ‘synthetic’ hormones. In recent years hormone replacement therapies have also been tried for post-menopausal or peri-menopausal women with ‘synthetic’ hormone therapies and all of these modalities have met with tragic if not deadly consequences.

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BIHRT) has been around for some time but due to the unfortunate control of the industry, it has met with bad press. These hormones are not the same as the ‘synthetic’ forms at all. God did not make the ‘synthetic’ forms like he did not make the GMO foods that we all consume now either. They were manufactured and created in a laboratory.  BIHRT is based on exact hormone replacement from, most commonly, plant sources which will exert the same effect on your body as your own synthesized hormones but the fact that they are natural, there is not the danger as with the ‘synthetics’.

We offer testing for Andropause, Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause, Human Growth Hormone deficiencies, Thyroid assessment, Adrenal assessment to try to determine what might be our patient’s problem and then by this determination we are able to create a protocol which is specific for that individual’s needs, to try to avert or reverse some of their ongoing problems including weight gain, muscle loss, hair loss, overactive bladder, loss of mental clarity to name a few.

There is risk with everything and this is not to say that even with BIHRT there is no risk. We note that it is not the same as with the ‘synthetic’ versions however we would like to note the tremendous positive response of many patients, the world over to this type of treatment.

If you feel that you might be interested in this type of investigation and therapy we might be able to help you.

We offer one free 15 minute consultation and please note our new office hours at this location.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9-5.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet (HCG)

This diet has been around for many years first introduced by a Dr. Simeons in the early 1950’s. It is based on hormone therapy and will allow your body to more easily metabolize fats and adjust its metabolic rate while helping reduce normal hunger pangs associated with dieting.
The fat that is lost with this diet is generally the trouble kind of fat in areas which under normal dietary methods, is not easily affected. There is no need to exercise as you will burn significant calories via the hormonal interplay alone, although exercise is something that is always encouraged.
Men are generally more successful than women but in either case the weight loss is more substantial overall than traditional dieting and can be and usually is as much as 1-2 pounds a day.
If you are one of those people whose experience with traditional dieting has been one of disappointment and minimal success this may be the diet for you.

Medical Marijuana Recommendation

Dr. Massullo is able to recommend suitable patients for a certificate for medical marijuana.

This, God made plant has been so perfectly and intentionally vilified not to mention, un-Constitutionally prohibited as clearly stated in this precious document via the tenth and eighteenth amendments. This action was taken by the Un-American organization known as the UN most probably in order to deviously usher into our lives the many deadly pharmaceutical substances which were created by man to try to take its place.

We American’s have a few very precious documents written by our founders in order to protect the Nation’s people from tyranny and enslavement by their government. These documents are; our original Constitution of 1789, our Bill of Rights (protecting our God given rights from being infringed upon by a corrupt Government) and of course The Declaration of Independence. "Absolute power breeds absolute tyranny."

Unfortunately, this once great Constitutional Republic has been systematically overthrown by the evil intentions of a Freemasonic, Zionist, Satanic cult with the willing assistance of the ever so easily purchased souls of our many Career Politicians, in order to destroy it and to make all of us SLAVES to these psychopathic, megalomaniacal, demonic few who consider themselves to be better than the rest of us.

This nation was actually created by men who were for the most part Freemasons. Freemasons are a secret cult who willingly or unwillingly as many of the novice members are aware, chose Satan as their God. One of the very first oaths that they all take is to tell LIES. Our God said, "thou shalt not lie."

A little-known fact is that our precious Constitution was taken from the works of St. Robert Bellarmine. George Washington was the first of all the Freemasonic Presidents. He was a very honest man, unlike "honest Abe." He converted to Catholicism before his death, much in part to a vision which he had at Valley Forge when a beautiful woman appeared to him and showed him 4 very incredible times in our young Republic’s history. It was in this vision that he saw the times that we are in now, the country was covered by darkness with red eyes and among the darkness there were few white lights which increased in number. In the end God will win over all, good always conquers evil.

So many incredibly, wonderful men and women have fought and died for our "Freedoms" and the promises bestowed to us by our founding documents. Their innocent, patriotic fervor was skillfully manipulated over the years to do the bidding of these few satanic monsters who were always responsible for creating an incident or incidents to incite an intended patriotic fury. These un-Godly monsters always play BOTH sides of the coin during their beloved wars so that they never lose. I give you ancient Rome’s Nero, the first known to use this strategy. He set fire to Rome, blamed it on the Christians whereby he created both his increased veneration, increased his empiric coffers and brought on the mass murder of so many innocent people who he found so threatening as well as their God, who was a real threat to his power.

Nothing has changed and those who do not know TRUE history are doomed to repeat it. We need to remember another very simple thing:  God is Peace, Love, Freedom, Prosperity, Unity, Trust and Beauty. Satan is Chaos, Hatred, Enslavement, Poverty, Division, Deceit and Ugliness. Whose side are you on? You cannot serve both God and Satan so chose your side well for this will echo in your eternity. I, for one, am on God’s side, come what may, I have faith that he will give me the strength, courage and wisdom to endure whatever is put before me.

Let us take our Republic back from these monsters. Let us put God back into our lives and not let anyone tell us that we cannot speak, worship or show signs of him being a part in our lives. "Fight then the good fight, the battles of the Faith, be steadfast and courageous and soon you will receive a never fading crown of Glory."

God made marijuana. He actually put very specific receptors for this plant in our bodies. Big Pharma’s poisons only act on receptors but God did not put any specific receptors for them in our bodies and knowing what I know about most of these medical, pharmaceutical nightmares, He would not do so. Is God a fool? No. He had to know that this little plant would serve so many wonderful purposes for us.

There are many varieties of marijuana that NATURALLY help with pain, anxiety, sleep, epilepsy, cancer, Parkinson’s and so many other common maladies. There are no side effects to this drug and I can’t say that for Big Pharma’s poisons, also no one, to my knowledge has ever died from the use of this plant nor has anyone ever killed anyone as a result of its use. I can’t say the same thing for Big Pharma’s highly touted drugs especially their "anti-depressants" and other drugs that cause the patient to experience a sometimes only brief, break with reality like so many of the baffling killings to include the mother who killed her six children who she loved, she was a nurse who was on one of these touted wonders. You never hear about fact do you?

Legalizing something that was always protected by our Constitution, that all these politicians take an oath to uphold and apparently have never even read, is a great first step. We have to remember one last thing, Christ drank wine but he never became intoxicated!  Moderation in everything.

I know that this little plant is going to help so many people in getting their lives back again, naturally.

I would like to let every Veteran know that I am so grateful for their incredible sacrifices, their selfless willingness to put themselves in harm’s way for me and the rest of us who will be forever in their debt. I for one will never support or condone any idiot who wants to disrespect them. So many who have fallen in their service to this Republic for our “alleged” freedoms, dreams and the Nation that originally was created by such heroes. These pathetic, un-American, ungrateful, un-Godly ignoramuses who take a knee, live a lifestyle that few of us will ever have do not have enough humility to be ashamed of themselves. They and all of their kind are undeserving of any glory. They are cowards, fools and tragic idiots. They will not be remembered in our history but all of you, precious veterans, you are just that.

I would like to recommend any United States Veteran for medical marijuana free of any charge for my services as a physician. I would like you all to know that this is a very small way that I would like to tell each and every one of you just how wonderful you are and how thankful that I am to you for what you have done. Thank you, my heroes! God bless you and God Bless America.

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