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Services Performed at The Institute of Ageless Medicine

We occasionally add more things to our Practice at The Institute of Ageless Medicine and will try to keep our Website up to date with any changes. Please feel free to inquire as to any new additions.


Plasma Fibroblast Therapy

This procedure utilizes a very strong electrical current which when applied over the skin will create a predicted thermal injury to the tissue. It converts gas from the air into diatomic molecular nitrogen which will initiate your body's own repair mechanisms to go into action and repair the damage. It heats the skin down to the dermis which is the skin's powerhouse.

This cellular repair includes increase in collagen and elastin deposition as well as thickening the tissues treated thereby eliminating or diminishing wrinkles.There is noted downtime with this procedure.

This procedure is not for everyone.

If you are interested there is one free 15-minute consultation.


Presso and Far Infrared Therapy

We offer one of the newest modalities for better health and weight loss here at the Institute of Ageless Medicine. Far Infrared has for some time been used for various reasons in the medical and spa environment. This specially designed heat penetrates deep into the body heating it and raising the core temperature significantly, which in and of itself is remarkable. Hyperthermia has long been used in the medical world for various problems including cancers. Infrared has so many extraordinary beneficial effects to the body that we will not go into all of them here, as our general intent here is for overall improved cellular health, regeneration, detoxification, liberating fat for removal, healing and increased collagen synthesis. Understanding this remarkable non visible light form is still not completely understood and probably never will be. Yet, we cannot recommend this enough for all manner of problems with minimal, if any deleterious side effects.

Pressotherapy is a modality whereby specific areas of the body are gently massaged in a rhythmic fashion to increase and mobilize fluids within the tissues and the vascular system itself. It feels like a nice massage which in turn helps to tone and tighten the underlying tissues as well as achieve some weight loss in turn.

The combination of these two modalities can be used for arthritis, relaxation, general improved detoxification, chronic fatigue, chronic constipation, weight loss, overall cellular regeneration with a more youthful skin and general well-being.

We offer these two modalities in combination in hopes or potentiating their individual benefits.

This treatment combination is done in a series of 1-2 times a week for specific intervals to better achieve the desired goals. We offer packages to help save money.

This treatment is not for everyone and we offer one free 15-minute consultation to see if this is right for you.


General Wellness

General Wellness is offered to those who feel that they are healthy and wish to stay this way. This is for the patients who do not want to be treated with the same “standard of care” manner currently offered by the medical society in general. These patients seek a more natural and time honored type of care.

You will have a one on one consultation with the Doctor and this will be at least one hour in length with a detailed medical history. The consultation will discover what you, as an individual, need to treat and maintain good general health. The visit will conclude with a physical examination and if pertinent, further testing like bloodwork and x-rays. If you have any recent tests that have been preformed, the Doctor would like you to bring them with you at the time of your visit. This may, if applicable negate the need for further studies.

The Doctor will then compile all of her findings and arrive at a personally designed plan for your general wellness which will be given to you at another visit, the cost of which is included in your first visit (excluding additional lab work or x-rays that may be ordered). She will go over everything with you and make sure that you have no further questions.

The Doctor notes,“everyone is unique and will be treated as such,” therefore, if you have specific needs or problems she will do whatever she can to help you as an individual out.

Insurance will not usually cover this type of service. We will bill your insurance but you are personally responsible for all of the costs at the time of your visits.


Alternative Care

Medicine is very “cookbook” today and it is all about “the standard of care”. Doctors are discouraged from thinking and coming up with possible unique strategies for their patients in trying remedy their ills by insurance companies, government and hospitals alike. Pharmaceuticals are thrown at patients like candy and do little to prevent or actually treat the underlying cause of disease, not to mention cure the problems at hand.

More and more unhappy people are going out on their own, in sheer desperation, trying to find out how they themselves can treat their individual problems. They many times are left feeling frightened and alone among all of the different supplements, treatments and strategies available to them in the common marketplace. This type of desperate searching can be very expensive and discouraging, and many of you have drawers or cabinets filled with different things that you have tried in the past, and have failed.

Dr. Massullo understands the frustration and with her alternative care and her extensive medical training she will treat you as an individual.

Her consultation is at least one hour and will be very complete into your current problem with a detailed past and current medical history. If you have any current medical data, such as x-rays, blood work, MRI’s and so forth she asks that you please, bring them with you at the time of the consultation. The consultation will be followed with a physical examination with possible lab work and/or x-rays as the doctor feels is necessary.

Many times, it is unfortunate that people wait until their problem is very far advanced, before trying a physician assisted alternative method of treatment. Many people do not know that this type of professional service even exists. Dr. Massullo will do her best to come up with a “plan of attack” in the most timely manner possible that is tailored to your individual needs.

The Doctor encourages those of you with rapidly progressive pathology to see her as soon as possible. Time is a factor that, even in the best hands. The more advanced the disease process is, the more difficult it is to treat. The Doctor however, believes that absolutely nothing is impossible and will not give up on your behalf. She will expect the same of you and will also try to keep your determination and general attitude going in a positive direction at all times. Family and friends are welcome to get involved with your needs and care. The Doctor is willing to help align all these factors for you to hopefully reach your goal.

Insurance may not cover this type of care and we will bill your insurance but you are responsible for the entire cost at the time of your visits.


Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Over the years medicine has been trying to breech this alien world of hormone therapy to alleviate various symptoms associated with deficiencies or excesses associated with them.

Medicine has strategically been taken over by big government which, in this country is not supposed to be possible according to our precious constitution of 1787 which states very clearly that this is a Republic, for the people and by the people. Government was meant to remain small and should serve the people and no one else. Alas, this is NOT the case which is well evident. Medicine has been transformed in this country, from the premier place in the world, fifty or so years ago to be able to obtain the best of physicians and treatment, to the current socialized state of standard of care, cookbook, inferior medicine that it is.

The unconstitutional FDA as well as the big pharmaceutical industries and the agrochemical companies with the United Nations, which has no place what so ever in our country let alone governing our lives in any way shape or form, has been put in control of all of our food and drugs by virtue of the codex alimentarius, this has given a monopoly to the way medicine and other things are done and it is not in your best interest, as your interests are little to no concern at all.

Hormone therapy has been played out over the years most notably in the birth control arena with all BCP’s being level ONE carcinogen’s and are ‘synthetic’ hormones. In recent years hormone replacement therapies have also been tried for post-menopausal or peri-menopausal women with ‘synthetic’ hormone thereapies and all of these modalities have met with tragic if not deadly consequences.

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BIHRT) has been around for some time but due to the unfortunate control of the industry, it has met with bad press. These hormones are not the same as the ‘synthetic’ forms at all. God did not make the ‘synthetic’ forms like he did not make the GMO foods that we all consume now either. They were manufactured and created in a laboratory. BIHRT is based on exact hormone replacement from, most commonly, plant sources which will exert the same effect on your body as your own synthesized hormones but the fact that they are natural, there is not the danger as with the ‘synthetics’.

We offer testing for Andropause, Peri-Menopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause, Human Growth Hormone deficiencies, Thyroid assessment, Adrenal assessment to try to determine what might be our patient’s problem and then by this determination we are able to create a protocol which is specific for that individual’s needs, to try to avert or reverse some of their ongoing problems including weight gain, muscle loss, hair loss, overactive bladder, loss of mental clarity to name a few.

There is risk with everything and this is not to say that even with BIHRT there is no risk. We note that it is not the same as with the ‘synthetic’ versions however we would like to note the tremendous positive response of many patients, the world over to this type of treatment.

If you feel that you might be interested in this type of investigation and therapy we might be able to help you.

We offer one free 15-minute consultation and please note our new office hours at this location. Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9-5.


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet (HCG)

This diet has been around for many years first introduced by a Dr. Simeons in the early 1950’s. It is based on hormone therapy and will allow your body to more easily metabolize fats and adjust its metabolic rate while helping reduce normal hunger pangs associated with dieting.

The fat that is lost with this diet is generally the trouble kind of fat in areas which under normal dietary methods, is not easily affected. There is no need to exercise as you will burn significant calories via the hormonal interplay alone, although exercise is something that is always encouraged.

Men are generally more successful than women but in either case the weight loss is more substantial overall than traditional dieting and can be and usually is as much as 1-2 pounds a day.

If you are one of those people whose experience with traditional dieting has been one of disappointment and minimal success this may be the diet for you.


Cosmetic Medicine

There are a whole host of different anti-aging treatments and non-surgical treatments being offered on the market to the public today. These are done by estheticians, masseurs, chiropractors, beauty salons, dentists and physicians.

The Institute of Ageless Medicine does not offer some of the mainstream modalities like “Botox” for example, and this is due to the generally unsafe properties, that Dr. Massullo feels very strongly, that they may impart to your overall general health.

Dr. Massullo has had extensive training in medicine and science. She has completed a residency in general surgery and has had training in plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as other areas of medicine. She is very aware of what is necessary to reverse aging and how to do so with careful manipulation of the skin and its structures. She brings this unique expertise and skill into the arena for your benefit.

Dr. Massullo will do all of the procedures herself and you will get a private “one on one” visit each time. This will not only ensure that the procedure is done properly, but that your confidentiality is maintained.


"The Space Lift" Fat Transfer

This procedure has been around for some time but it is something that unfortunately has not received the attention that it deserves. This procedure, when done the proper way, by a trained surgeon such as Dr. Massullo, will make you genuinely appear younger. You will not have a stretched look without wrinkles, which appears un-natural and even grotesque at times. You will plump up the areas that have lost their volume, thereby restoring the body’s natural, youthful look.

It is very safe. No foreign chemicals or toxic components are used, it is all you. The fat is harvested from certain area(s) of the body and then re-injected through very small puncture wounds into the areas that need the lift. There is swelling and in certain areas ecchymosis. Some initial bumps will also be noted at the injection sites. We have a special way to make this minimal and speed your healing in most cases that is all natural. The swelling will go down remarkably in about 3-5 days and after one week you can begin to see the changes as they will probably remain. The procedure is done completely under a local anesthetic and is tolerated very well. No special garments as in traditional liposuction are needed post operatively but there will be some ecchymosis here as well as some discomfort at the donor site(s). The pain is minimal and over the counter Tylenol or Advil usually serves very well. There is some down time but this is something that is up to the patient’s personal preference. Usually, we tell our patients to expect at least 3 days off work. The swelling and ecchymosis are usually most prominent around the eyes and some of our working patients prefer to simply wear sun glasses to conceal this for the time needed for recovery.

Every person is different in how they will react to this or any other procedure. We are all unique. Most people who are in generally good health will have the fat grafts survive, for the most part. Some fat will resorb in all cases. Most patients will need small touch-ups in areas over time, until the desired effect is obtained. We do three touch-ups at no additional cost unless we need to harvest more fat and then there is a minimal charge. Most people are at their goal with 2-3 post-operative treatments.

This procedure is all natural and safe because it is your own cellular material. It will last about as long as a face lift and that is about 5-7 years. Remember, we don’t stop the clock; we just reset it a little. If you use tobacco, engage in an unhealthy lifestyle, are on certain drugs, or just have the genetic predisposition for premature aging, a traditional face lift will respond in the same way. We will give you some unique instructions on how to maintain your skin and health better.

We will ask for pictures of the age that you would like to revisit and the more the better. We will use these to plan the volume lift or as we like to call it the space lift.

The cost is a bit less than a traditional face lift but remember the eventual look is even better. If you add up the toxic fillers, which now can last, in some cases, up to 1 ½ years, this cost is generally significantly less and remember it is all natural, you are not compromising your overall health to look younger.

You can do this type of lift in many areas of the body and you can even use it to restructure areas like depressions or dimpling. We will be happy to discuss what we can do for you and the doctor will give you a free 15-minute consultation. Call us to see if this may be appropriate for your needs.



Mesotherapy is not for the faint of heart. It is a more painful modality yet, one that is very beneficial. You will first have a consultation, to go over what you want to achieve, to see if this is the right plan for you. The next appointment will be set up with your unique plan in mind and the doctor will let you know about how much time you will need to set aside for your visit that day.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that is directed to the middle of the skin, the mesoderm. It consists multiple injections containing a specific amount of substance, deposited into that layer of the skin, in order to attain the desired result. This can be used for cellulite reduction, elimination of fatty deposits in areas like the abdomen or chin, skin discolorations, stretch marks, scars, hair regrowth and much more. The results will vary from one individual to another and with most of the agents there is a definite local reaction with redness, some discomfort and swelling which lasts for varying periods of time, but usually, at least 24 hours following each treatment.

The Doctor suggests that you go online to do some investigation of your own into Mesotherapy. There are different substances used by people to achieve the different results wanted, but Dr. Massullo will use only natural ingredients and not synthetic preparations. She will avoid preservatives when possible.

The most widely used mesotherapy used in the office is that which is done by means of a topical agent being delivered deep into the tissue by hundreds of tiny needle pricks. A topical anesthetic is used prior to treatment to anesthetize the skin. There is still some discomfort with this specific treatment but it is much more tolerable. A non-narcotic, oral analgesic can be taken before and after treatment, if the individual desires. The results are truly amazing.

The different mesotherapy treatments will require multiple visits because the results are cumulative. They are spaced at intervals in accordance with your individual needs.

This type of procedure is not for those who are pregnant, breast feeding, diabetic or immunocompromised or are keloid formers. Dr. Massullo will discuss if you are a candidate with you at the time of your consultation.

Dr. Massullo will give you a free consultation that will last approximately 15 minutes to explain the procedure to help determine if this modality is best for you and your needs.

The treatments that you will need will require specific medications that will be injected or delivered into the skin. These will have to be ordered individually for you so that they are fresh. You will be asked to pay for your specific medications before your appointment so that they will be ready for you at that time.



The Titan is a product made by Cutera, a world wide leader in laser and non laser products. Cutera is located in the United States and their products are made in the United States as well. They offer many exceptional products and the Titan is no exception.

There are many non-surgical skin tightening treatments being offered to the public. Some by physicians and others not. Some treatments are safe and others are not. Some treatments are effective and others are less so, or not at all.

The Titan is the Rolls Royce of all things being offered on the market today that claim to do this type of non-surgical skin tightening. It gives a sustained volumetric heating of the dermis, and this, is what is needed to truly get increased collagen synthesis. Your body will continue to rebuild and remold the dermis of the skin, with increased collagen deposition every day following your treatment and these effects will usually reach their maximum in about 2 months. Don’t confuse the Titan with other treatments. This is a non-laser therapy. It usually will take at least 2-3 treatments to achieve your goals and we like to do your treatments back to back every 1-2 months apart. The Institute of Ageless Medicine offers packages to save you some of your hard earned money.

There is no down time so you can literally go on about your day as if nothing happened. There will be no bandages or creams to apply. Dr. Massullo will make some suggestions that will make your body react better and give you the best results possible with your treatment, but following these will be up to you.

There is little to no pain, as some of our patients literally fall asleep during their procedures.

The results last up to 3 years and with a maintenance program you can keep up and prolong the effects.

The treatments can be done virtually anywhere there is skin and on any skin type from the very pale skin colors to the darkest skin colors.

The Doctor will give you a free consultation which will last up to 15 minutes in time. You can discuss with her what you would like to achieve and she will then be able to tell you if she feels that this is the best modality for you. She will then tell you approximately how much time it will take for your treatment and an appointment will be set up to best suit your needs.

Dr. Massullo suggests that you go online and investigate the Titan further at www.titanskin.com. She also cautions you to remember that this treatment again, is non-invasive and therefore subtle unlike the typical surgical “lifts”. You will not be left with a pulled, unnatural “plastique” look, you will look like yourself only, 5-10 years younger. You should also note that some of the treatments will advertise better prices but they do not tell you that you will need 6-8 of these treatments to get results of just one Titan treatment. Do your research, and find out how great the Titan treatment really is and, if it is the right one for you.


Chemical Peels

The Institute of Ageless Medicine uses chemical peels made up of different types of acids, which are used to get rid of the layers of dead skin and debris on your epidermis.

The skin, will with repeated treatments, appear more youthful with a nice glow and refined texture. The fine wrinkles will disappear and the deeper ones appear less noticeable. Superficial scars will fade and discolorations improve. The skin will also increase its collagen deposition over time and will be more resilient.

The Chemical Peels are pain free and require no anesthetics. Twelve of the typical Chemical Peels, done at the Institute of Ageless Medicine, will equal one medium acid peel, with out the risk, down time and pain associated with it.

This is a great treatment for acne prone skin in keeping the skin surface clean.

The treatments take about 15 minutes out of your day and there is no down time so you can resume your normal activities after your appointment except that you will need to wear sun screen and avoid undo exposure to the sun itself. A maintenance program will be required if you want to keep your results once you have reached your goal.

Dr. Massullo will give a free consultation that will last about 15 minutes. She will learn what you desire and will tell you if this is what she feels is the best treatment necessary for your individual situation.



Entourer has been done for millennia and has been used in various modalities for all manner of diseases and general wellness. We take the modern approach for overall anti-aging and cosmetic application to use this ancient modality to provide a safe, economical, effective treatment for various common aesthetic problems.

Entourer is used to help to stimulate circulation, decongest tissues and will eliminate the appearance of cellulite and over time it can also help to diminish some fat pockets in areas like saddle bags, abdominal pouches and muffin tops. It is relatively inexpensive as compared to some other modalities such as laser, mesotherapy and ultrasound techniques. It takes 15-30 minutes depending upon area(s) treated. It is non-invasive and generally painless. There is no downtime with this procedure. Entourer is done in weekly to bi-weekly sessions which are sold in packages to make them even more affordable.


Rouler (Mesorolling)

This procedure has been employed over the years in various methods to stimulate collagen synthesis and cause some skin contracture in the process eliminating or diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars even acne type scars, stretch marks, hair loss (alopecia) for men and women and other minor skin imperfections including, refining the skins overall texture, appearance and evening the skin’s color.

This is done with a small device containing multiple small, very fine needles which is allowed to penetrate the skin at its epidermal and dermal levels with minimal invasion.

It is necessary to do 2-3 treatments which are usually done at intervals of 2-3 weeks. The results are long lasting but as you continue to age your skin will continue to lose some elasticity and touch ups are required to maintain good results and this is recommended every 6 months to one year.



Phototherapy, or light therapy is nothing new. Different wavelengths of light will cause different reactions with different substances.

In medicine, we use this basic principal to do all sorts of things, for example, lasers are a form of light but the physical principals are different than visible light. Ultraviolet light has been used to sterilize items as well as heal.

The Institute of Ageless Medicine has some of the best technology in the world to apply light to rejuvenate your skin by increasing collagen synthesis, improving cellular function, diminish discoloration, diminish bacteria naturally as in acne prone skin to mention some of our most common uses. This technology is very safe with no pain and no down time. Our phototherapy can be used on all skin types.

The results are cumulative and you will require several treatments to achieve your goals, which is determined on an individual basis in accordance with your individual needs. The intervals between treatments must be close together to better effect your skin changes on a cellular level for optimum results. A maintenance program is required to keep your results once your goal has been achieved. We provide packages for you to purchase, with all of this in mind, to better save you some of your hard earned money.

Dr. Massullo will give you a free consultation lasting approximately 15 minutes where you can discuss your concerns and desires. She will then be better able to tell you if this is the best modality for you.



The Institute of Ageless Medicine offers Diamond Microdermabrasion which is done to refine the look of your skin. It gently and safely clears away dead skin cells and debris without chemicals, leaving your skin refined in texture and giving a youthful glow.

This is a great modality for very sensitive skin or for those who are afraid of chemical treatments. It is pain free and each treatment generally takes about 15-30 minutes out of your day, depending on the area of the body being treated. The treatments can be done on virtually all skin types and areas of the body. The results are cumulative and usually 12-15 treatment are needed to achieve most goals. The Institute of Ageless Medicine offers packages for this reason and will help to save you some of your hard earned money. The Doctor recommends a maintenance program, to keep your results once they have been obtained.

Microdermabrasion will deep clean the skin and remove unwanted debris that both clogs the pores and interferes with the respiration of the skin. New, healthy cells are encouraged to grow, as well as increased collagen and elastin formation and deposition. Over time fine lines and wrinkles will disappear. Discolorations will become less noticeable, if not disappear entirely. Your skin texture will become more refined and further aging will be dramatically slowed down. Your skin will glow. You will look years younger starting with your very first treatment.

Those of you with acne prone skin will love how it will clean and refine your skin, which, with proper care, can remain blemish free. It will also help to eliminate or dramatically diminish some of the scars associated with acne, particularly those of you with cystic acne.

Scars, in general, whether they be surgical or not can be improved in appearance with this modality.

Dr. Massullo will give a free consultation of approximately 15 minutes and you can discuss what your concerns are to determine if this is the best treatment that she feels she can offer to you for your desired needs.


Acne Therapy

Acne is not only for the young but its causes may differ among the age groups. Whatever the cause, or the age, acne can be a very disabling issue both socially and emotionally. The Institute of Ageless Medicine offers an all natural, safe approach to acne treatment, which is extremely effective and, with proper use, you will be virtually acne free.

Dr. Massullo will have an initial consultation, and if pertinent, young adults should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A brief examination of the skin will follow, and a treatment regime will be determined and outlined, that best fits you and your needs and goals.

Rarely, and usually only in cases of sever forms of acne, are antibiotics prescribed and/or manual evacuation of lesions needed. Dr. Massullo tries to remain as conservative as possible, always keeping your optimum welfare in mind.


Body Contouring and toning (Microcurrent)

The Institute of Ageless Medicine offers a very unique, state of the art, European technology to improve your muscle tone, improve circulation and lymphatic flow, contour and your body, lift sagging breasts, improve posture, helping low back pain, get rid of that post partum abdominal sag, rejuvenate the face and neck to a more youthful appearance and, it is even great for weight loss and cellulite removal.

The treatments are very specific as to your desired goals and the area of your body to be addressed. The session times will vary accordingly. Most sessions will last about one hour but there are some which will be completed in as little as 20 minutes. Dr. Massullo will let you know the anticipated time for each treatment so that you can plan your day accordingly. There is no downtime with the treatments.

Dr. Massullo asks that your skin in the area to be treated is clean and free of all externally applied substances, like lotions. You may want to wear clothing that can be easily removed to access the treatment area, if applicable.

The treatments are pain free and actually feel very invigorating to most individuals. You, will be in control as to the intensity of your treatments, giving you the freedom, as you will become accustomed to them, to increase and decrease this as is desired, throughout your sessions.

The results are cumulative, and we suggest that you purchase some of the packages that are offered, to save some of your hard earned money. Most people will need up to 20 sessions to achieve their goals and a maintenance program is suggested to keep your results.

The treatment is not for everyone and certain areas should be avoided in certain circumstances such as those that have undergone recent surgical intervention. Other contraindications to treatment may be, pacemakers, defibrillators or other implanted devices, seizure disorders and pregnancy.

Dr. Massullo will give a free consultation that will average about 15 minutes. You can go over your goals and questions with her at that time to see if she feels that this modality is best suited for you and your goals.


La Pelle M Quick Lift

La Pelle M Quick Lift is a very unique treatment designed to give a subtle lift to the skin in a period of about 40 minutes and its effects will last up to 3 days.

You can do repeated procedures with more lasting results, including an increase in collagen and elastin synthesis, improved skin tone with a better texture but, as a rule this specific procedure is done for those who want to look better, and of course, younger for a special event, like a wedding or anniversary. It is very inexpensive so patients who cannot afford other modalities, may opt this procedure based on this alone. Others wanting the most they can get out of their bodies will add this procedure, much as they will having their nail and hair done, before a special event to try to increase the overall effects of other non-surgical skin tightening procedures, like the Titan.

It is painless and has no down time, so you can go on about your day as usual. Contraindication to this procedure would be seizure disorder, inflamed skin, implanted devices like pacemakers, and pregnancy.

If you have a special day coming up and, want to look as fresh as possible, you can let us know when it is and, Dr. Massullo will try to get you into the office to do the Quick Lift a few hours before the event.

This treatment has no free consultation involved. We cannot guarantee the results and they differ from person to person. The vast majority of our patients who have had it done, come back for more and are very pleased with how they look afterward.



Everyone is becoming aware of something that Dr. Massullo and The Institute of Ageless Medicine has known all along. Detoxification is hallmark in most, if not all natural approaches to good health and resolution of disease.

The Peddetox is a safe, effective modality to help rid your body of unwanted, dangerous toxins like heavy metals and bacterial toxins or cellular debris and impart a healing type of effect with each treatment. The abnormal cells, diseased cells, will burst and will be removed by your body, helping to make you feel better and be healthier in the long run.

This is not like the “Ion” type of foot detoxification treatments being done currently and are all the rage. They advertise great detoxification usually done through your feet, as they place your feet in a clear, colorless water and salt solution and then, the water amazingly begins to turn colors, usually a murky rust color, increasing over the course of the usual 30 minute session. They tell you that this represents all the toxins withdrawn from your body. This may in part have some basis, but, there is a definite electrochemical reaction between the metal in the device they insert in the water with your feet and the fluid, that would have similar, if not the same results, without your feet being present at all. This is not at all how our Peddetox is done nor is it the principal that it is based on.

Each treatment will take about one hour of your time and it is pain free.

Dr. Massullo asks that you wear pants or a skirt with socks that can be easily removed to expose your feet. She also asks that you wash your feet before coming as the treatment will give you better results.

You should feel no pain. After your first few treatments you may feel a bit sluggish on the following day or two, this is generally a very good sign, to indicate that your body is going through a healing process and is called appropriately enough a “healing crisis”. Dr. Massullo will go over all the details with you as to how to counteract this if it should occur. After a healing crisis occurs people usually feel “better than before” in about 48-72 hours.

The treatments are additive and are best done in a series, with the interval between treatments in close proximity to one another. Depending upon your state of health and why you want the detoxifications, they can be done no more than once every 3 days. The Institute of Ageless Medicine offers packages, are sold for this reason, to help you save some of your hard earned money. To help you keep the results, once you have achieved your goal, you should keep up with a regular maintenance program.

The Peddetox is not possible for all patients and some of the contraindications for this treatment are seizure disorders, pregnancy, breast feeding, implanted devices like pacemakers or defibrillators and certain conditions like a recent surgical wound on the feet. Dr. Massullo will go over all of these with you.

Dr. Massullo will give a free consultation, if you wish, that will last approximately 15 minutes to determine if this program is best for you and your goals.


La Pelle M Skin Care Products

The Institute for Ageless Medicine is one of the only places in the country where you can buy this exclusive Italian skin care line. It is all natural, organic and uses the very finest ingredients available.

The line is very simple and free of toxic, harmful chemicals including unwanted perfumes or coloring agents which can affect not only your skin but your overall health in general. It can be used by all skin types.

La Pelle M offers treatments for aging skin, acne skin, cellulite, skin discolorations and more.

As with any skin care line you must use it daily and as directed to get the best results. The ingredients in La Pelle M are specifically designed to penetrate the skin into its deeper layers and will cause its desired changes on a cellular level. Your skin will look and feel healthier as it naturally detoxifies, encourages normal collagen and elastin production. La Pelle M represents the best skin care products on the market today and definitely the safest, most effective and most exclusive, so enjoy the experience here at the Institute for Ageless Medicine.

“Youthful Skin” is the line designed for the aging skin. It is safe for all skin types and may be modified easily, as needed. The series of treatments is cumulative at penetrating the tissues in a safe effective manner and delivering antioxidants and nutrients to oxygenate, revitalize, detoxify and regenerate the tissue, increasing elasticity and collagen synthesis. You will see noticeable, real results in as little as 3 weeks but with repeated use, your skin will glow and those fine lines and wrinkles will disappear and the overall texture will impro

The “Acne Skin” care line is designed without harmful chemicals and irritants like benzyl peroxide or titanium dioxide. It will deep clean the skin of all harmful bacteria, parasites, virus and fungus. It will promote a healthy flora and cellular turnover and with daily use, following the program as prescribed for you, you should remain virtually acne free.

“Anti-Cellulite” is a unique formulation that again penetrates deep into the tissues and causes increased blood supply delivering vital nutrients to help rid the body of unwanted waste that is thereby removed from the congested tissues. The effects are pronounced with each treatment and with every 6 treatments you can also lose weight, as much as 10 pounds. This is not due to water loss, like so many other topical treatments on the market. It is actual loss in cellular matter and debris, helping to break up and destroy the tiny pockets of unnatural, congested materials, including fat in the connective tissues. Many factors play a role in cellulite formation such as genetics, gender, age but diet and lifestyle certainly play a big part too. You will be able to actually measure the inch loss over your body immediately after each treatment. The treatments are designed to be done in the privacy of your own home. They are done at consistent intervals, which are determined on an individual basis but no more than once every 3 days, according to your results and reactions may be less frequent. Once you have achieved your goals we suggest a maintenance program to keep up with your cellulite free body.

“Ciara” is a line designed for the typical skin discolorations associated with sun damage and hormonal skin changes. It is mild, contains only natural ingredients and no toxic hydroquinone. When used daily you will see a gradual fading in the appearance of the discolorations. You will need to wear a 45-50 SPF and/or protective clothing and prevent exposure to the sun in the areas treated, in order to maintain your results.

La Pelle M “Skin Cleansing Bars” are a gentle all natural way to remove unwanted debris and oils from the skin on the face and all over the body. They are all hand milled and made of the finest most natural, organic ingredients. People say that they look and smell good enough to eat. We even have a Cappuccino bar that will wake you up and make you feel as refreshed as your skin. They are sold individually and vary slightly in shape due to their hand made character.


Prescription Skin Care Products form Allergan

This skin care line is carried for the its superior formulations in maintenance of and home chemical peeling systems. The orders are placed on an individual basis.You will be asked to pay before the order is placed, the price will include shipping. The Institute of Ageless Medicine will have it’s staff call you when your products arrive.

The products that we offer through this company are physician strength formulations available only through a physicians prescription, and have the highest glycolic acid content available. You will not find these on television, cosmetic counter, drug store or through your esthetician.

Dr. Massullo will help you decide what products may be best suited for your individual needs.

The Cosmetic programs are not covered by standard insurances, these services are considered elective in nature and not medically necessary. If, there is a situation that we feel might have a potential for reimbursement, we will bill your insurance for you if you wish.

All payments are due, in full at the time of the procedure and in the case of packages purchased, the same applies. Any special medications that will be ordered for a particular procedure requested by you and for you alone, such as Mesothereapy, you will be responsible for the price of the medication which will include the shipping. Should you fail to have the procedure preformed or cancel it for any reason, this price will not be refunded to you due to the nature and specificity of the medication.

If you want a product that is available by prescription only you will be responsible for the cost of the product and shipping at the time of your visit. One of the staff at The Institute of Ageless Medicine will call you as soon as your shipment arrives so that you may pick it up. Since this order will be placed specifically for you there will be no refund after the order is placed.

We do not keep inventories of products on hand so that when our patients buy something, they are assured of the product being as fresh as possible. If we are out of something and you would like it, we will order it for you and we will call you as soon as it arrives. There is no prepayment for products or responsibility for these products unless otherwise told of such.


Weight loss

The Institute of Ageless Medicine offers several modalities to achieve this goal. Dr. Massullo will go over your goals and long term needs at the time of your consultation. The initial consultation will last about one hour and will include a thorough past medical history. A physical examination will follow which may include laboratory testing, if indicated. Dr. Massullo asks that if you have had recent laboratory testing, x-rays or studies done to bring the results with you at the time of your visit. Subsequent visits will be required and scheduled according to your individual needs and goals.


Child Weight Loss

Obese children are in record numbers in our society of fast foods, pre-packaged, ready to eat meals and unhealthy physical inactivity.

Children do not drive, nor as a rule have the dispensable income to buy the improper foods that they consume that often are responsible for making them obese. Dr. Massullo wants a parent or guardian to be present with the child at the time of the initial consultation and following visits so that they can become aware and a real part of the child‘s weight loss journey.

It will be an act of love for all the family and friends to help remedy your child’s problem with obesity. Yes, this means sacrifice for everyone, but, if you really have a child who suffers from this affliction, the general health consequences are very real and are in many cases, actually potentially life threatening.

The sad thing about this “disease” obesity, if you want to call it this, is the fact, that it is totally preventable and treatable with the proper work. Dr. Massullo will help to motivate and steer you and your child onto the road, and keep you on that road, to better health and eventual weight loss.

Dr. Massullo has several different approaches for diet modification depending upon the individual child and family circumstances.

There will be an initial fee which will include the initial visit and for the approximate 15-minute evaluations and weigh ins done on a weekly basis for the following 6 weeks thereafter. The program usually will take about 3 months for a lasting pattern and habit to get established, which with care will last a lifetime. Follow up visits at various intervals in the future may be suggested but this is done on an individual basis.


Adult Weight Loss

You will have a consultation with Dr. Massullo where she will take a thorough medical history, will go over your goals and follow this with a physical examination, which, may include laboratory work and other testing may be suggested. Depending upon the individual, you will be given a diet with a list of supplements to obtain and exercise suggestions to help you achieve your goals. The diets are totally natural, healthy and safe, requiring no measuring or weighing your foods as a rule. You will lose weight if you follow them and the results will vary but are usually very dramatic over a 6 week period. You will be seen on a weekly basis for usually about 15 minutes to weigh in and go over any problems that you may have. Dr. Massullo will keep you encouraged as you get to your ultimate goal and with proper determination and discipline you will stay there.

Modification of your habits is essential to your success in Dr. Massullo’s and any other program. The end result is to permanently change, in a healthy way, your life style so that you can live a long, healthy, happy life.

The price includes the initial visit and 6 weeks of visits for your weigh ins and evaluations.


General Medical Care

Dr. Massullo takes new patients by referral and appointment only.

Her patients enjoy the benefit of her vast training and knowledge in many subjects. They enjoy the feeling of being at the focus of attention during their visits and are sure that they will be taken care of in a very timely manner by the doctor herself. Her personal patients are never rushed nor do they feel like they are not listened to during their visits. The doctor even makes House Calls for her personal patients, which she has done since she started to practice medicine “just like my father did” if, the situation warrants it.

If you are thinking of becoming a patient of Dr. Massullo’s and have any questions, please call the office and one of the staff will be happy to help.


Entourer (Cupping)

Entourer has been done for millennia and has been used in various modalities for all manner of diseases and general wellness. We take the modern approach for overall anti-aging and cosmetic application to use this ancient modality to provide a safe, economical, effective treatment for various common aesthetic problems.

Entourer is used to help to stimulate circulation, decongest tissues and will eliminate the appearance of cellulite and over time it can also help to diminish some fat pockets in areas like saddle bags, abdominal pouches and muffin tops. It is relatively inexpensive as compared to some other modalities such as laser, mesotherapy and ultrasound techniques. It takes 15-30 minutes depending upon area(s) treated. It is non-invasive and generally painless. There is no downtime with this procedure. Entourer is done in weekly to bi-weekly sessions which are sold in packages to make them even more affordable.


Rouler(Microneedle Mesotherapy)

This procedure has been employed over the years in various methods to stimulate collagen synthesis and cause some skin contracture in the process eliminating or diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars even acne type scars, stretch marks and other minor skin imperfections including, refining the skins overall texture, appearance and evening the skin’s color.

This is done with a small device containing multiple small, very fine needles which is allowed to penetrate the skin at its epidermal and dermal levels with minimal invasion.

It is necessary to do 2-3 treatments which are usually done at intervals of 2-3 weeks. The results are long lasting but as you continue to age your skin will continue to lose some elasticity and touch ups are required to maintain good results and this is recommended every 6 months to one year.

The phone number is: (330) 856-5010
If lines are busy or you are unable to get through, please leave us a message, and we will call you back as soon as possible.


Ultrasonic Cavitation

The terminology aside, this treatment will cause the destruction of adipose cells in the subcutaneous tissues and result in diminished cellulite appearance of skin, diminished overall circumference due to the destruction of underlying fatty tissue. The skin is also tightened at the same time to prevent the unsightly side effect of traditional liposuction where the laxity in the tissues often led to other invasive procedures like a “tummy tuck” to tighten the sagging skin that was left behind.

The treatments are virtually painless. Sometimes you will hear a noise in your ears during the treatments process but this is not damaging to the ears and our machine is more advanced so that if this does occur it is minimal at best. The sound will disappear after the treatment head is removed from contact with your body. If you do hear a noise, this has not been determined to cause damage to the ear in any way. The treatments in general feel warm and soothing, like an invigorating massage. You will need a series of treatments to obtain optimal results. We provide treatment packages for this purpose, in order to save you money. You can see a loss after the very first treatment but this is not the norm and generally after 4 treatments you will start to see notable yet subtle changes, with the maximum results noted 2-3 months after the last treatment.

These treatments are very safe and can be used in most areas of the body for the overall sculpting of tissues. You can obtain better results if used in addition to exercise and diet but this is not necessary for this treatment to work. Once the fat cells are destroyed they are gone but you can always make more to take their place so you must be aware of this. This is not a weight loss modality.

Dr. Massullo offers one free 15-minute consultation to see if this treatment is right for your needs. You can call the office and set an appointment up with one up with one of our staff.


Radio Frequency

This therapy is very safe and has come a long way since its beginnings. The treatments are targeted for skin tightening and we offer this for the face as well as the body. The treatments can offer a more inexpensive alternative to other modalities for tightening the skin in areas where it is lax, such as in the arms, face, neck, eyes, knees, ankles, abdomens, hands, and can be used virtually anywhere that there is lose skin.

The technology used at the Institute of Ageless Medicine is very safe and most people describe their treatments as soothing and warm.

The RF (radiofrequency) targets the tissues of the dermis and to some extent the underlying subcutaneous tissues and heats them which in turn cause an increase in collagen and elastin creating a finer, tighter skin with diminished or eliminated lines and wrinkles. It will to some degree, eliminate fatty deposits but this is not the primary focus.

The neckline is a favorite for this procedure, as well as the hands, which as people age, generally helps to give away your age.

The treatments generally take 20-30 minutes and are in certain circles known as the “lunch time lift”. The effects are long lasting as your body will make more collagen in response to the treatments and will usually maximize after 2-3 months after your treatment and last up to about 3 years with normal routine maintenance. We offer packages of 8 to best suit the needs of most, as you will need to do a series of these treatments to best gain desired effects.

This procedure is not for all and those who are not considered candidates are those with malignancies, inflammatory conditions in the areas to be treated, pregnancy, epilepsy, hemorrhagic diseases, thrombosis, altered immune systems such as AIDS or HIV, certain implanted devices like pacemakers or defibrillators or metal in areas to be treated.

Dr. Massullo offers a one-time free 15-minute consultation to determine if this treatment is right for you.



This treatment is something that has been used for some time in the medical profession. Its modality of action is primarily to fool the body into thinking there is diminished oxygen to an area and the body will react by means of sending in healing forces to oxygenate the area and this in turn is how the overall treatments work for rejuvenation in that it will help to eliminate scars including acne scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, dark under eye circles, and is even beneficial in certain skin disorders for example psoriatic lesions. Carboxytherapy can also be used to spot treat fatty tissue deposits, in that it is toxic to fat, this treatment can be used to treat various lesions like lipomas without surgical intervention, fatty deposits like cellulite, and can benefit areas like the neck in both fatty tissue reduction and improvement of the skins appearance.

The treatment is done with a small caliber needle and the gas is infused at a specific rate. The treatment has some burning in the area treated which is usually very well tolerated. The gas will resorb rather quickly but there is usually a period of 6-12 hours where you may note fullness and occasionally there is some bruising from the needle. Rarely the needle can perforate a vessel and gas will be injected into the system, this is possible even in the most experienced hands. Gas emboli can create problems including blindness and or even death.

The treatments take varying periods of time, depending on what is being treated but overall they do not take long. You can expect to have several treatments to an area before obtaining desired results in most cases. We offer packages to this end, to try to save you money. Spot treatments are usually beneficial for certain skin lesions like psoriasis and often one treatment is enough to quell an acute lesion.

This treatment may be something you would like to consider for your concerns and we offer a free 15-minute consultation to see if this is right for you.


Hair Restoration

We at the Institute of Ageless Medicine have a unique treatment for the restoration of hair in both men and women.

There are many causes of alopecia the most common in men and is hereditary. There is increasing thinning and baldness in both men and women today from a number of etiologies to include our foods which are man-made horrors also called Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) as well as other environmental factors which each and every one of us are exposed to daily, to include our water which is highly tainted with dangerous toxins like fluoride, chlorine, and drugs which they can’t remove when the water is treated.
There are a number of ways to surgically repair this defect but for those who wish something more conservative we offer our special program.

The treatments are painful and are done in series at least 6 weeks apart. There will be topical anesthetics used. There are a series of injections into the scalp of the area(s) that you wish to attempt to stimulate hair growth. You can expect immediate erythema, swelling and sometimes ecchymosis. There can be tenderness after the treatments which can last for several weeks but this should eventually subside.

You should expect to see a fine fuzz of growth about one week after the first treatment. This should fill in a bit with each successive treatment.

The hair might be a darker or lighter color than your other hair but this may vary from one individual to another.
There are contraindications to this treatment and we offer one free 15-minute consultation to see if this is right for you.


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) also known as “Vampire Lift”

This procedure is appropriately named due to the fact that your own blood is used and processed in order to separate the platelet rich plasma from the red blood cells. The Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has material has many unique cellular characteristics that have been used for years in orthopedic surgery to help repair various problems in that field. It is due to its great success that eventually led to it’s highly sought after effects for cellular regeneration in antiaging medicine.

Dr. Massullo is aware of all of the other fillers and treatments available and highly sought after in the world of medicine and surgery today but will not do anything that she feels is potentially dangerous for her patients. This therapy is your own body and your own body will recognize it as self and it is this that causes the intended reaction which not only delivers in a better fashion as compared with other synthetic materials its intended goal but with virtually no significant potential side effects as the others can have.

This procedure is not approved by the FDA and whether that has any meaning at all for you is your concern.

The process and products that we use at the Institute of Ageless Medicine are made and packaged in the U.S.A. which has the highest standards as compared to other products that come from other areas of the world.

Your PRP once separated is then used as a type of filler and repair agent as it is introduced back into your body to promote cellular regeneration via the specific stem cell like properties of this material that your own body will undergo. It will generally be used as a type of filler in areas like nasolabial or marionette folds, fine lines and wrinkles, to plump up tissues about the face, eye, lips, lax underarms, ear lobes, neck, breast, hands and other areas of the body that are of concern. There is some application for this therapy in the genitalia for enhanced sensation and performance but in general the Institute of Ageless Medicine prefers not to do this but can be discussed on an individual basis.

There are recent photos of celebrities having a “Vampire Lift” done using only a microneedle procedure is also applicable with or without the local injections, this however will only be done with a topical anesthetic because of the nature of this painful Mesotherapy technique which we have done here for years at the Institute of Ageless medicine.

We at the Institute of Ageless Medicine do not and will not do any procedure.

The Vampire Lift as noted above is done by injecting the PRP into the deficient areas and it will cause some local swelling and redness where injected. The initial swelling generally subsides after 3-5 days this and then the area treated appears as it did before the treatment which many novices consider a failure to deliver which is not the case. In the days following this time frame there is a gradual filling noted whereby the body produces more of the wonderful, youthful materials like collagen, elastin and increased cellular matrix. Over a period of 4-6 weeks your body completes the maximal filling of the area via this enhanced regeneration. You will see a plumping of the areas treated and the overlying skin will generally also show a more refined texture and color. We also use this to regenerate hair growth for men and women alike.

The procedure is generally painless except for some who note a mild stinging as the material is injected.

If the microneedle technique is desired with or without the local injections we will use a topical anesthetic again because of the painful nature of this Mesotherapy technique. This technique has been used for many years in the field of Mesotherapy because of its creating a unique environment to the area treated whereby topical preparations will have a 10,000 percent increase in the amount of material introduced into the necessary layers of the skin. There is some downtime with this if it is done properly. You will look like you have sunburn in the area treated that will last for 3-7 days depending upon your general state of health. There are some increased side effects with this due to the entire trauma in the area but this is generally very well accepted by most as it has been done successfully for many years in the Mesotherapy field.

The PRP injections generally leave swelling and at times a local erythema at the site which as noted above can last between 3-5 days as a rule but sometimes there is some ecchymosis associated with the injections which cannot be avoided and this in general can be easily covered with makeup.

There are certain contraindications for this procedure.

We, at the Institute of Ageless Medicine offer one free 15-minute consultation.



This treatment modality is rather new on the horizon. The treatment is used for pockets of fatty tissue like “love handles”, “saddle bags”, abdominal pouches and saggy underarms but virtually anywhere that there is a troublesome fatty layer, if we can get the machine to fit in that area, we can treat the problem. The fatty tissue is destroyed by means of freeing. The fatty tissue is brought down to a certain temperature whereby the machine will selectively cool the targeted fatty tissue and cause destruction of the underlying fat cells. In one treatment you can lose up to 50% of the fat cells in that area treated and maximum results will be noted in about 2-3 months.

The treatments are virtually painless however some people note a strange discomfort at the beginning of their session as the tissues cool down, which generally, after several minutes, gives way to a cool, sucking sensation and a light anesthetic feel to the treated tissues. After the treatment this usually resolves with normal sensation returning but sometimes it can take longer depending upon the patient. Generally, if this persistent numbness results, it will last no longer than three months but this, in general, is rare. The underlying tissue will be hard immediately after the treatment and often slightly red with occasionally some bruising noted. Occasionally there may be some sensitivity to the treated area to touch which can last for up to one week. Most of these effects will generally disappear in about one week after the treatment. Treatments can be repeated in as little as two weeks but 2-4 weeks is the average.

The adequate treatment of a specific area usually will require a series of treatments and we offer packages to this end to try to save you money.

Once the fat is gone, it is gone, but you can always create more cells; therefore, maintenance and a good diet and exercise program are advised.

Dr. Massullo offers one free 15-minute consultation to see if this treatment is suitable for your needs.


Photo Facial

This is a highly unique therapy that employs light therapy to purify the tissues, eliminate sun damage, vascular lesions, uneven pigmentation and refine the tissues including diminishing pore size. In turn, your body will respond by producing more collagen and other important cellular constituents that make the skin appear younger.


Intense Pulsed Light

This therapy is a refined form of light, which in turn affects the skin in various ways, eliminating unwanted discolorations, refining skin texture and pore size, eliminating vascular lesions and, in general, purifying the skin by eliminating certain damage caused by sun and other factors.


Hair Removal

We can remove light, grey and dark hair permanently by means of a special light therapy. The treatment can be done anywhere on the body in most cases. It is done virtually painlessly most of the time. We offer topical anesthetics for suitable patients.


LaserLipo (Non-Invasive)

This is an innovative technique approved by the FDA if that means anything to you since 2006. It is specifically geared to target fat cells with the frequency required to break into the cells and spill the contents which are taken up by the body and disposed of in the same manner as any normal metabolic process. The fat cells will shrink as a result and the site treated will appear smaller as a result.

This treatment is used for cellulite, body contouring and the eradication of problem areas of fat in the body like saddle bags, inner thighs and so forth.

It is not used for weight loss but after 8-10 treatments, which are generally done 1-2 times a week, you can lose up to 1-inch circumference in the area treated.

We offer packages to help save money and each treatment generally takes about 60 minutes. We also offer one free 15-minute consultation to see if this treatment is right for you.


"O" and "P" injections

The abbreviations are short for orgasm and priapism injections, which are done to enhance sexual arousal. The treatments are done using your own blood, which is processed into platelet right plasma (PRP) material filled with stem cells. We use only the best kits on the market, which are made in the USA. The PRP is injected into the appropriate areas of the woman or man’s anatomy to stimulate cellular proliferation which in turn brings back enhanced feelings during intimate activities.

This treatment can sometimes be used in women to treat urinary stress incontinence as well.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation to see if this treatment is right for you.


Microneedle Radio Frequency

This treatment employs several old modalities of skin rejuvenation into one. It uses the principle of Mesotherapy and its old microneedle approach with the added benefit of Radio Frequency imparting its specific energy to affect the epidermis and dermis of the skin. The energy causes a coagulation of the tissues affected by the thousands of small needle pricks to cause increased collagen and elastin deposition in the dermis which in turn causes wanted contraction and refined texture thus affecting a more youthful appearance.

This treatment is a bit uncomfortable therefore we will utilize a topical anesthetic for your comfort.

This treatment can be done virtually anywhere that there is skin.

There are certain contraindications to this treatment such as for those who are keloid formers, pregnant, have epilepsy and others which will be discussed at the time of your treatment.

As with most non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments, this treatment will require several in specifically spaced intervals to attain the best results.

We offer packages to help save you money.

There is a one-time free 15-minute consultation; please call our office for an appointment so that we can get you started in revealing a younger looking you.



This innovative treatment is basically for; skin relaxation and rejuvenation, body-sculpting, fat melting, and wrinkle reduction.

The treatments are generally not painful. If this is done for fat reduction and sculpting, it usually takes about three treatments to reduce one dress size in the area treated.

A Velashape treatment employs a vacuum to the tissue being treated. This tissue is then subjected to either radio frequency or ultrasonic cavitation. The tissues are stimulated in such a fashion to achieve fat dissolution in combination with cellulite disruption and increased collagen formation. The body area treated is thus sculpted in this manner. When used on the face, where fat is to be preserved it works on the dermis and epidermis to refine texture, stimulate collagen and elastin production which in turn tightens the skin, better defines natural contours and diminishes or eliminates fine lines and wrinkles. The neck treatment can be used to dissolve fat and tighten the skin helping to eliminate or minimize a “turkey gobbler” neck.

This treatment is not for everyone, and as most non-invasive methods, it generally takes a series of treatments to achieve the results that you desire. We offer packages to save you money. Please call the office for an appointment. We offer one free 15-minute consultation.


Biomagnetic Therapy

This unique form of treatment has been around for thousands of years. A physician Dr. Richard Broeringmeyer was the first to document changes in leg lengths with magnets in trying to determine cause and location of various pathogens that cause disease. Dr. Isaac Goiz took this work to another level and came up with various documented biomagnetic pairs. The work of these two physicians has taken this unique therapy to another level.

The “Standard of Care” Medicine that is practiced today is basically a sham with big pharma and the government in charge. Real Medicine has been lost but for a few physicians who seek to practice it. The diagnosis of Medicine is not always truly reflective of the actual cause of the disease. When you treat the cause, you can have good results.

There is a positive and negative pole to traditional magnets and each force will harbor various pathogens. When a patient is treated, the body is scanned, and the areas of pathogen reservoirs is determined and then the corresponding pole is treated to affect a neutralization of the pH and bring about healing. This is the basic principle behind this therapy.

It is totally noninvasive and can cause no harm; however, there are 3 contraindications to performing this treatment and they are: 1) any implanted device such as pacemaker, defibrillator, pump or other. 2) pregnancy. 3) on chemotherapy or being on chemotherapy for less than one year.

The treatments vary in length depending upon your location of treatment with regard to the equator.

No one can guarantee success with this or any other modality, but most patients and their results do speak for themselves. Every Physician has their own manner of treatment so you should be aware of this. It does not make one better than another, this is simply their own methodology.

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